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Let's Stop SMIDSY Together!

Let's Stop SMIDSY Together!

Motorcycle riders face a distinct set of challenges, both on and off the road, from mutterings of ‘Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You’ (SMIDSY), dangerous road surfaces and wire barriers, to inconsistent road rules from State to State.

No One Deserves A Serve Update

Abuse shouldn’t be in a day’s work. It is imperative that all SDA members are able to work in a safe environment.

Social Media at Work

Social Media at Work

As social media increases in popularity, many employers and employees are learning there’s a fine line between work and private lives when it comes to one’s online imprint.

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Caring for a loved one?

In a recent test case in the Fair Work Commission, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) argued for stronger rights for parents and carers

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Leave to help you save lives.

The SDA strongly supports Australia’s system of voluntary blood donation.

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New family and domestic violence leave from 1 August

For many years, unions including the SDA have been campaigning for family and domestic violence leave to be included in Modern Awards.

Free and Safe Parking Campaign Update

Free and Safe Parking Campaign Update

We began our campaign for free and safe parking for retail and fast food workers in the second half of last year.


REST Superannuation Update


Chapel Street

Chapel Street Roadshow

The SDA Roadshow visited the Chapel Street area from 10-15 April, with a stall at 670 Chapel Shopping Centre on the Friday.

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Unfair penalty rate cuts hit retail and fast food workers hard

This round of penalty rates cuts, beginning from July 1 for 700,000 Australians including hundreds of thousands of workers in retail and fast food were deeply unfair, did not create jobs, did not stimulate the economy and once again demonstrated why Australia needs to change the rules relating to work.

Rana Plaza

Remembering the Rana Plaza collapse

The SDA recently commemorated the fifth anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse by distributing information and having conversations with people at Bourke Street Mall.

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Don’t bag retail staff, as Woolworths plastic bags go

The union representing retail workers welcomes Woolworths’ decision to phase out single use plastic bags as of today, but reminds shoppers to remai

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SDA Wins Domestic Violence Leave at Coles

We have made a breakthrough in the recently-approved Coles Supermarkets Agreement, winning two days of paid domestic violence leave.

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SDA slams ‘deficient’ franchising code before Senate Inquiry

The SDA, the Union for workers in retail and fast food, appeared with employment lawyers Maurice Blackburn to give evidence before a Federal Senate

Don't Bag Retail Staff

Don't Bag Retail Staff

With the banning of single use plastic bags across Australia in the coming weeks the SDA, the union for retail workers, will launch a special ‘Don’

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Action Stations!

Most enterprise bargaining has been on hold for two years as employers awaited the penalty rates decision.

Delegates Seminar

Industrial Relations Update Seminar

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Minimum wage increase step in the right direction for low paid workers

The SDA, the union for workers in retail and fast food welcomed today’s national minimum wage decision, announced by the Fair Work Commission as a

Change the Rules

Unions Rally to Change the Rules

Bangladeshi Workers

Major Win for Bangladeshi Workers

In a landmark agreement, Bangladeshi textile workers have been awarded $2.3 million as a settlement for risks they were exposed to in their workpla