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Adult Rates At 20 From 1 July

I am delighted to report that 1 July 2015 is an historic day.

Free Accident Insurance Gets Even Better!

Unfortunately, sometimes serious accidents do happen!

ACTU Congress 2015

Around 1,000 delegates representing unions from all industry sectors attended the ACTU Congress in Melbourne in May.

Alcohol and Drug Testing

New policies are being introduced into many Australian workplaces which enable employees to be tested by their employer for drugs and alcohol.

Seeking Leave For Domestic VIolence

The ACTU is seeking paid domestic violence leave on behalf of all Award employees.

We Need To Finish The Job

we need to finish the job

The SDA has been campaigning for a long time to make Easter Sunday a public holiday in Victoria.

Deb's Our Woman of The Year

This year we presented our International Women’s Day Award to our Vice President Deb Becker.

Returning to Work After Parental Leave

The majority of modern Australian families rely on two incomes to meet their financial obligations, however, workplace laws and practices have not

Retirement Income Is Not Meant To Be A Tax Loophole

Australia’s superannuation system was set up under the Hawke/Keating Government in the late 1980s to build a stronger retirement income system for

The SDA - Leading The Way In Workplace Safety

The SDA kicked off our first ever Safety Demands Action campaign on 16 June last year. Here are the results!