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Women and Super

We have seen much discussion on the proposed changes to superannuation concessions since the May 2016 Federal Budget, but very little of that discu

Mannequins & Models Award

In June this year, the Fair Work commission granted a 2.4% wage increase for employees throughout Australia working under Modern Awards.

Sexual Harassment Must Be Stopped


Sexual harassment is any physical or verbal conduct or visual display, which is:

Unions Make the Difference

Despite recent slow wages growth in Australia, our wages and conditions — fought for over many decades by the Australian union movement — continue

Funding Life-Saving Cancer Research


Overseas: JP Morgan Chase Raise Wages After Sustained Pressure

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has announced the decision to improve wages for its lowest-paid employees, with hourly wages set to rise to $16.50 U

Overseas: Korean Union Leader Imprisoned Campaigning For Higher Minimum Wage

On 4 July this year, the Seoul District Court sentenced Han Sang-gyun, the President of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), to five ye

Overseas: 3 Years On From Rana Plaza, The Bangladesh Accord Is Saving Lives

As one of the worst industrial disasters in recent history, the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh is a reminder that disregarding human and

Overseas: Zara Workers Unionise For First Time in the U.S.

Retail workers at one of the world’s largest fashion brands — Zara — have voted to form a union in New York.

Helping to Ease the Pain

SDA Free Accident Insurance

SDA member Shauna lost the top of two of her fingers while trying to put the awning down on her caravan.