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The SDA is Coming to Northland

There is a lot going on at the SDA, we’re fight

Victory! We Win a Public Holiday for Christmas Day

Government Grants Additional Public Holiday

No Excuse for Customer Abuse

Call for Respect for Retail and Fast Food Workers this Festive Season.

Another Year of Working Hard for Members

2016 has been a year of waiting. But much work has been going on in the background.


The Shop Assistant Journal is Coming

SDA's quarterly magazine, The Shop Assistant journal, is on its way to members.


Federal Government Plan to Slash Paid Parental Leave

SDA's Picnic at the Zoo - Mon 16 Jan 2017

Zoo tickets are no longer available.


O! What a Week

During Orientation week, Union Representatives were on university campuses across Victoria promoting the 100% Pay at 18+ campaign, informi