Bargaining Resumes

During 2016 and 2017, enterprise bargaining was delayed while employers awaited the penalty rates decision, which has now been handed down.

Employers were also trying to understand the new interpretation by the Fair Work Commission of the Better Off Overall Test from the 2016 Coles decision.

We are pleased that many employers are now commencing negotiations for new enterprise agreements. This will provide certainty and security of future wages and conditions for SDA members.


Coles Agreement

Negotiations for a new Coles Supermarkets Agreement are now complete.

A meeting was held with Victorian Delegates in late January where the proposal was explained.

The meeting lasted nearly three hours, ensuring that lots of questions were asked and answered.

After hearing a very detailed presentation on the new Agreement, Coles Delegates in Victoria voted unanimously to endorse the new Agreement as it is in the best interests of members at Coles.

Similar meeting were held in other States.

The new Coles Agreement

  • Protects take-home pay
  • Improves penalty rates
  • Secures hard-won conditions above the Award
  • Ensures pay rises for everyone

Woolworths Supermarkets

We are also pleased to report that Woolworths Supermarkets is also negotiating a new Agreement, and negotiations are well advanced.

Once the two big supermarket agreements are renegotiated, we expect many other agreements will follow.