Safety Demands Action Week Coming Soon

The SDA will put health and safety front and centre during Safety Demands Action Week, which runs from 7-14 August this year.

In 2017, we’re focusing on putting the OHS issues facing retail, fast food and warehouse workers on the agenda.

Through our safety chats, we know the top OHS issues experienced by SDA members are:

  • Abuse & violence from customers
  • Workload stress
  • Heat & cold
  • Burns
  • Manual handling

Our network of SDA Organisers, Delegates and Health & Safety Reps will be out in stores during Safety Demands Action Week, talking to workers about how we can address these issues.

We want to tackle these issues proactively and work together, with employers and workers, in order to make your workplace safer.

Health and safety at work is important to stop serious accidents and injuries but also because it can impact your life outside of work.

Experiencing abuse or violence from customers or stress from increasing workloads is not acceptable. If these issues are having a negative impact on your mental or physical health once you leave work then it is a workplace problem.

All workplace issues impacting on workers’ health should be reported to your employer so they can be addressed.

Everyone has the right to work in a safe environment and we’re working to make sure this happens.


Need Help Now?

If you need to talk to someone about issues impacting on your mental health, or you are concerned about someone at work you can contact:


This article was originally published in The Shop Assistant Journal - Winter 2017: Vol 81, Iss 2.