Unions Rally to Change the Rules

Over 170,000 unionists rallied in Melbourne on the 23rd of October, calling for changes to Australia's broken workplace rules.

This followed the first Change the Rules Rally of over 100,000 people on the 9th of May.

The SDA was well-represented, and our members, delegates and officials were some of the best chanters at the rally.


Why We Need to Change the Rules

  1. Wages are being outpaced by the cost of living because it is too difficult for workers to win pay increases.
  2. Penalty rates for retail, fast food, hospitality, and pharmacy workers continue to be cut. These workers do not deserve these cuts and cannot afford them.
  3. More and more jobs are casual, and part-timers without enough hours to make ends meet are relying on picking up casual shifts. These workers are missing out on conditions fought for and won by the union movement.
  4. Company profits are a record high share of the economy, while wages are a record low share of the economy.

The SDA is very supportive of the Change the Rules campaign. We will continue to keep you informed as to how you can get involved with the campaign.

Check out some more photos from the rally here.