We Want Free Parking For Staff At Southland To Continue

The SDA is totally opposed to Westfield imposing unfair car parking charges on retail and fast food workers at Southland.

This is a cost retail and fast food workers cannot afford and do not deserve.

It is a double blow to retail and fast food workers as it comes on top of the Commission decision to cut Sunday and public holiday penalty rates.

There is also a health and safety risk if workers must park a long distance away at night to avoid the charges.

The SDA is totally committed to ensuring the health and safety of it’s members. 


The SDA has written to major companies asking them to check their lease document for any clause which may protect employees of their company at Southland.



Well done to the members who turned up to the rally to oppose car parking charges at Southland.  Together we have sent Westfield a clear message that workers should not have to pay to go to work.

The SDA and Tim Richardson MP joined in a worker and community rally to say “NO” to the Westfield parking charges.

It was great to see the community support evident in all the cars honking to support us.


Facebook Pages

We have an SDA Facebook page where you can see more of the rally and keep up to date with SDA activities on the car parking issue.

Some of you may be on another Facebook page but it is not the official Facebook page for Southland car parking issues.

So join the SDA Facebook page now to keep up to date.

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Car Parking Issue At SDA National Council

This afternoon I am heading to the SDA annual National Council meeting with Delegates from all over Australia.  It is being opened by Sally McManus, the Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

The issue of paid parking at shopping centres is a very serious issue for our members and I will be raising it at this national level.


Continue The Campaign

We are continuing the campaign and I urge every member to do two things.  Firstly, sign the petition to the Premier for changes to planning laws to require free and safe parking to workers at shopping centres.

Sign the Petition


Secondly, we want members to report all safety issues caused by the new arrangements to SDA Delegates or phone the SDA Office on 9698 1400 or Freecall 1800 133 048 (from landlines only).

The SDA will be taking up all safety issues regarding the new parking arrangements on behalf of members.

The SDA will continue the campaign for free and safe parking for workers at Southland.