Respect essential workers as Melbourne reopens

Without the essential work of SDA members, none of us could make it through a lockdown.

Workers in distribution centres, supermarket workers stacking shelves, retail staff filling click and collect orders, fast food workers making our food – our members continued to serve the community in tough circumstances.

It is awful that even as their essential work becomes more important, our members have faced increased abuse and violence from customers.

The irrational panic buying and frustration with restrictions has produced some terrible behaviour.

So as we come out of this lockdown, we have a simple message for Victorians:

No one deserves a serve.

Our members have been incredibly resilient through the pandemic, and it’s only because of their essential work that we can make it through these lockdowns.

They must be treated with respect.

We are running ads on radio, catch-up TV and online to remind customers that no one deserves a serve for just doing their job.

Check out our ad by clicking here.