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“I had no idea we were able to have a 10 minute paid break until I joined the SDA. At my restaurant, we get yelled at for having a drink or asking to go to the toilet.”

“I have never received a paid break in my whole time working at Maccas.”

“At my restaurant we are told that going to the toilet or having a drink IS our break, we never get to take our 10 minute breaks.”


Does this sound familiar? Tell the SDA about your experiences here.


If McDonald’s workers work 4 hours or more, they must receive a 10 minute PAID rest break no matter what.

But many McDonald’s workers haven’t been getting their paid breaks and have been misled about their break entitlements.

No matter what excuse management gives, this is not okay. You must get ALL of your breaks.

The SDA is taking action to fix this but we can’t do this without your help.

If you are not getting your correct breaks, tell us here.

Even if you’re not at McDonald’s anymore or you’re now getting your breaks, you may be able to pursue compensation.

All information provided will be confidential and no action will be taken unless you give permission.


Work at Macca's? Join the Union here.