Equity & Family Issues

We all know how difficult it can be to balance work and life. We also know how hard it is to make sure you're given a fair go.

Women make up over 60% of the Union's membership, and these areas are of particular concern to them.

They are also areas where the SDA can help.

Specialist Advice

For many years the SDA has provided specialist backup and support to deal with the problems commonly experienced by working women.

Key areas where the SDA can provide specialist advice include:

  • Concerns about equal opportunity, sexual harassment, parental and maternity leave, aged care, and discrimination against pregnant women in the workforce
  • What to do if you have been financially disadvantaged due to an unfair dismissal, in particular where the unfair dismissal concerns issues of discrimination or sexual harassment
  • What your rights are in regard to family leave, maternity leave, rosters and other entitlements.

In addition, the SDA is working hard to make sure that clauses requiring employers to have regard for their employees' family responsibilities are included in all new Enterprise Agreements.

Over the years, we have also fought hard for and achieved improvements to many of the entitlements that make balancing work and family easier, including parental leave, family leave and pre-natal leave - entitlements that are now commonly included in Enterprise Agreements

The SDA includes these issues in Delegates training to ensure that all Delegates are aware of, and pay proper regard to, the concerns and problems particularly faced by women in the retail and fast food industries.

More Info

If you would like more information about equity issues or work and family balance, contact the SDA