Information for Parents

The primary role of the SDA is to look after the industrial needs of its members through advice, representation and protection.

The SDA employs a team of experienced and qualified people to do this.

As a parent of a young worker, the following points may be of assistance to you if you wish to advise your son or daughter whether or not to be a member of the Union:

  • Membership is voluntary, and resignation by your son or daughter can be activated at any time
  • The SDA negotiates regular pay increases and other conditions of employment on an ongoing basis
  • Such problems as underpayment of wages, WorkCover injuries, health and safety, rosters, harassment, lack or hours and unfair, dismissals are common issues dealt with by the Union on behalf of its members
  • A number of discounts are provided to union members which can offset any membership costs if they are used on a regular basis
  • Many free services are given to members. Please take the time to browse the Benefits section.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the SDA.