Retail workers have worked tirelessly on the frontline throughout the pandemic so Australians could get what they need and put food on their tables.

Now they’re facing a wage freeze until next year AND cuts to their penalty rates on 1 July this year.

They aren’t getting a fair go. That’s why the SDA:

• Applied to Fair Work Commission to delay penalty rate cuts;

• Asked Companies that can afford it to pay a pay rise before Feb 2021;

• Calls on the Federal Government to pay a recognition payment of $1,500 to frontline workers

Whilst other industries receive their wage increases on 1 July, retail and fast food workers have been told they must wait until 1 February 2021.

But not only has the wage increase for these front-line workers been frozen, Sunday penalty rates will be reduced in the Retail and Pharmacy Awards in line with Fair Work Commission’s 2017 decision.

Click here to sign our petition top the wage freeze and penalty rate cut.