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Branch Conference

The Victorian Branch Conference is made up of 35 Delegates elected from the Metropolitan and regional areas, together with five elected Officers.

We Must Stop Sexual Harassment

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is any physical or verbal conduct or visual display, which is:

South-West Victoria Roadshow

Our Warrnambool-Portland-Hamilton Roadshow was a huge success with many new members joining the SDA from various stores, age groups and political b

SDA Is The Union For Retail & Fast Food Workers

The SDA is the only union for workers in the retail and fast food industry.  It is registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act an

What Happens If Disaster Strikes At Work

Sadly, we’re seeing an increasing number of tragic events occurring at our workplaces, such as what took place in Bourke Street earlier this year, and the fatal stabbing at Doncaster’s Westfield Shopping Plaza.

These incidents affected us all, given the number of lives lost and the fact that they took place at places we know well. For many people, it occurred at or near their work.

Reporting Customer Abuse

Last year, we asked for input on our members’ experiences of customer abuse and violence. The feedback has made it clear that this is a huge issue for our members. Often it is related to drug abuse in our society.

The SDA believes that customer abuse and violence must be treated as an occupational health and safety issue in the retail and fast food industries.

Hair & Beauty Workers

In June of this year, the Fair Work Commission granted a 3.3% wage increase for employees throughout Australia working under Modern Awards. This article outlines the wages and some key working conditions for hairdressers and workers operating under the Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010.


Mannequins & Models Award

In June this year, the Fair Work commission granted a 3.3% wage increase for employees throughout Australia working under Modern Awards. This article outlines the wages for mannequins and models working under the Mannequins and Models Award 2010.

Domestic Violence: A Key Step in Responding

Unions, including the SDA, have been calling for paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave to be introduced in Modern Awards through a test case in the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

The SDA has already secured Domestic Violence Leave in several union-negotiated agreements but it’s crucial for this entitlement to extend to all workers.

Another Strong Year in Superannuation

REST Industry Super has delivered another year of strong investment performance to its members.

New Bangladesh Accord Will Protect Workers

Across the globe, brands, manufacturers and employers are becoming more aware of the urgent need to address worker exploitation in global supply ch

Spreading the Word

The SDA gets out and about to various events to educate people on their rights and the work of the Union.

The Battle Is On!

The focus of our Wangaratta (5– 11 June) and Albury/Wodonga (19-25 June) Roadshows was to alert Union members that the local Federal Member for Indi, Cathy McGowan, had refused to commit to protecting penalty rates in the Federal Parliament.

We Want Free Parking For Staff At Southland To Continue

The SDA is totally opposed to Westfield imposing unfair car parking charges on retail and fast food workers at Southland.

Judicial Review Decision

How can you help protect the take-home pay of retail, fast food & pharmacy workers?

Penalty Rates: The Battle Is On

The SDA has now launched legal action in the Federal Court to appeal the Fair Work Commission’s decision to cut penalty rates.


October is 2-for-1 At Guardian Health & Fitness

SDA members can bring a friend, have some fun, and get fitter during the month of October at Guardian Health and Fitness.

It's time to warm up with some heart pumping group fitness sessions that will shake you out of your winter rut and get you active again.

That’s two people training for a total cost of just $10!


How It Works

Unions Working For Casuals Rights

In good news for casual workers, unions have won an important case to help secure better rights for them.

Supporting Life Saving Research

The SDA continues to support life saving research funded by the NBCF:


Think You Don't Need a Will? Think Again!

SDA members and their partners receive a free standard will kit from Maurice Blackburn.

It’s surprising how many Australians don’t have an up-to-date will, or any will at all.

If that’s you, and you want some control over what happens to your assets after you’ve gone, now is the time to get a legally binding will in place.