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Win at 7-Eleven


Many members will recall the shocking working conditions in 7-Eleven stores revealed by the ABC’s Four Corners program in 2015.

No One Deserves A Serve as Victoria Re-Opens

Customer abuse and violence is a serious workplace health and safety issue.

Give us a break McDonald's

Give us a break McDonald's!

“I have never received a paid break in my whole time working at Macca’s.”


Unions make workplaces safer

Unions make our workplaces safer

2020 has been a unique and incredibly difficult year for thousands of SDA members who, as essential workers, have worked on the front line of the C

SDA Media Release

SDA applauds the Andrews Government’s historic decision to underwrite casuals’ sick leave

Quotes from Michael Donovan, Victorian Secretary of the SDA - the union for retail, fast food, warehouse and online retail workers

HSR Spotlight

HSR Spotlight

Health & Safety Representatives (HSRs) have always played an essential role in keeping stores safe, but they have become even more important th

Shoppers should respect retail workers as Victoria opens up

All Victorians deserve congratulations for bringing the state’s second wave of COVID-19 to heel.

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Update on Village Cinemas Movie Tickets

SDA members have access to exclusive benefits and discounts, including discount movie tickets for Village Cinemas.

SDA moves quickly on vile acts towards workers

Spitting or coughing on someone deliberately is vile, disgusting and unacceptable at any time.

SDA Media Release

SDA media statement - welcome JobKeeper Quotes from SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer.

The SDA is pleased the Morrison government has heeded the call from unions and employers to introduce a wage subsidy to minimise the economic damag

SDA Media Release

Remember to keep cool and show respect for local retail workers

The union representing retail workers, including supermarket workers, has called on the local community to remember to keep their cool and respect

Celebrating Our History

Celebrating Our History

The SDA in Victoria has its origins in the amalgamation of two retail unions.

Emergency Services and Natural Disaster Leave

Emergency Services and Natural Disaster Leave

With severe bushfires burning across Victoria, it is more important than ever to understand your rights at work in times of emergency.

SDA Media Release

Big win for Kmart workers as union appeal successful

More than 32,000 Kmart workers across the country are a big step closer to receiving the improved pay and conditions they deserve after the SDA’s a

SDA Accident Insurance

Accident insurance helps Jason along the way


Statement in regards to Woolworths underpayment

After internal payroll investigations Woolworths has announced an underpayment of in the range of $200-$300 million to some 6,000 salaried staff.

McDonald's enterprise agreement withdrawal disappointing

Statement from Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary of the SDA – the union for retail, fast food and warehouse workers: 

Public holiday victory!

After campaigning by the SDA for over 20 years we have successfully won Easter Sunday as a legislated public holiday and Christmas Day as a legisla


Rest keeping calm in a world of volatility

Rest’s Core Strategy ended the first quarter of the year on a strong note, with gains of +5.3% and +5.1% for the respective three and twelve months

Australian-first trial to curb abusive customers

An ‘Australian-first’ trial by iCare in NSW in partnership with the SDA and Griffith Universtiy has been launched to reduce abuse from customers to