Give us a break McDonald's!

“I have never received a paid break in my whole time working at Macca’s.”


Workers are being denied their basic legal rights in McDonald’s all across Australia.


If McDonald’s workers work 4 hours or more, they must receive a 10 minute PAID rest break no matter what.


But so many workers haven’t been getting their paid breaks, and have been misled about their entitlements.


The SDA has conducted large-scale surveys of McDonald’s workers through direct contact with members and a targeted social media campaign. Thousands of workers got back to us, with an extraordinary amount of people telling us that they were not receiving their paid breaks.


Many employees reported that they did not feel comfortable voicing their concerns to management. They believed this would result in workplace bullying, or even termination of their employment. It’s clear that workers do not feel empowered to raise issues in their store. This needs to change – no one should feel like they will suffer negative consequences just for requesting their legal entitlements.


It is clear that we need to take action.


We are continuing to gather evidence from thousands of workers at McDonald’s. After compiling this evidence, we will begin legal proceedings to force the company to pay our members their basic entitlements.


If you know anyone who works at McDonald’s and is having issues taking their paid rest breaks, please put them in touch with us.


It is important that we send a message to McDonald’s and all fast food employers that this exploitation and negative culture is unacceptable.


If you work at McDonald's, make sure you are protected. Join your union by clicking here.