Statement in regards to Woolworths underpayment

After internal payroll investigations Woolworths has announced an underpayment of in the range of $200-$300 million to some 6,000 salaried staff. Calculations of the individual underpayments are underway and will include superannuation and interest. 

The SDA has been concerned about salary settings for salaried staff in the retail industry for some time.  Whilst Woolworths has committed to rectifying these salary staff underpayments back to 2010, the SDA now calls on all retailers to audit their payroll settings especially for salary staff. 

Salaried staff are not ‘Award free’ and their salary must exceed what they would have been paid if they were working under the award. 

The SDA fought hard for wages and rostering conditions in the Modern Award and these must be complied with.  

Wage compliance is every employers responsibility and every employer must fulfil their legal obligations. 

The SDA will be in stores talking to impacted salaried workers to ensure they are supported as needed. Those employees affected by the recent COM restructure will be of particular concern for the SDA. 

The SDA will continue to engage with Woolworths to seek further detail in relation to individual matters and to ensure those employees are properly represented.